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Antarès leather

A french leather…

The Antarès leather is exclusively French and come from local tanneries. They are teinted and prepared by the tanner to be used as soon as they arrive in our workshop. Each hide is about 4,5m² and will serve the making of a single saddle. There are several leather types: soft “calfskin” leather, stiff “grained” leather and soft “nubuck” leather. Each leather type has very specific properties in terms of solidity, elasticity, aesthetic and maintenance. To reduce the risk of lengthening with use, the leather is stretched by the tanner. It’s the only operation done on the leather, to preserve its natural qualities.

…particularly controlled…

Hides are controlled when received to verify the leather quality. Each centimeter of the hide is checked. Antarès only work with great quality full grain leather, which is why scars are common on the leather. Defaults and damaged pieces are marked with chalk to be excluded during the cutting process. We are very demanding when it comes to the quality of our saddle’s leather.

…and responsible.

Our very strict leather selection excludes more than half of every hide. Nevertheless, all the leather scraps are recycled for the making of other products. With great respect for leather and to pursue an eco-responsible will. This is another reason why the Antarès range is that wide: helmets, bridles, halters, saddle accessories and other leather goods. All these products are made with our saddle’s leather scraps.