How to maintain your leather ?

Leather is a unique material: each hide has different properties, in terms of solidity, elasticity, aestheticism and softness. To keep its natural qualities, it must be maintained regularly and with good products. We share with you all our leather advices, to take care of your leather as it deserves.

Antarès leather

Antares select the best hides for its products. Their width, but also density and strength are particularly controlled. Skins are stretched while drying to avoid lengthening. Except from this operation, the leather grain is not altered during tanning process to guarantee its exclusive softness and resistance. As a part of its sustainable development approach, Antarès is doing its best effort to exploit most parts of the skins and waste the minimum of leather.

Antarès leather care

To keep its strength and softness, the leather must be maintain. Antarès offers you a whole range of caring products made in France, to clean and nourish all leather type.
Here our leather advices :

glycerinate soap antares leather care products

1. Glycerinate soap

To clean your leather after every use. Apply it on your leather with a wet sponge.

Our glycerinate soap is made in France and works on every leather type.

It is a must have, use it with no moderation and always before the apply of a nourishing product on the leather.

balm antares leather care products

2. Leather balm

Apply the balm once or twice per month with a soft tissue or a sponge.

Do not forget to clean your leather with soap before nourishing it with balm!

The Antares leather balm is made in France and works on every leather type, for your saddlery articles or for daily life.

oil antares leather care products

3. Leather oil

To soften your drought leather, apply the oil with a brush.

The oil can be used only once or twice a year. Do not use it too frequently, it will loosen up your leather!

Our leather oil is made in France and can be used on every leather type. Really nourishing, it regenerate and revitalize the leather.

Available in small or big bottle, 250 or 500mL.

carry bag for antares leather care products

4. The travel bag

Perfect to carry and transport your cleaning products, this bag is made for the stable life.

Wide central opening with zipper, mesh pocket and an elastic band are provided to hold the product.

Brown leather handle for easy handling.

May contain a soap, a balm, a 250 ml bottle of oil and a round sponge.