Dressage: Cadence or Tempo, step up the pace

Whatever your discipline is, your horse’s dressage is the key to every performance. We offer you to discover two of our dressage saddles, used by the world greatest riders in their daily work or at shows. To extend your riding technique, to better fluidity and precision, to perfect your position. A dressage saddle allows a different connection with your horse during training.

Selle équitation dressage en cuir pour le cheval et poney fabriquée sur mesure à la main en France

Selle equitation dressage cuir monoquartier antares Cadence

Cadence saddle, for a smoother riding.

Cadence is a saddle that ensure a great leg position, without restraining movements. This saddle is great for riders with confident seat. The great comfort and contact provided are what makes Cadence the best partner for shows and home training. The V strapping ensure great stability on the horse’s back. The DTA50 panels are larger than traditional panels. The saddle fits every type of horses, even those with a rounded back. The rider weight is well spread on the back of the horse.

Gwendolen Fer thoughts:

“I use the Cadence saddle because it gives me a straighter leg and perfect harmony with my horse. I love this saddle because it provides freedom of movement while being precise in my actions!”

Selle equitation dressage cuir monoquartier antares Tempo

Tempo saddle, for more precision.

The Tempo saddle, last one from our dressage collection, allows a better stability of the pelvis and the seat. The deep seat’s curve ensures a great engagement. Thanks to its high slanting and retreated blocks, the leg is firmly maintained while keeping the knee’s freedom of movement. The front part of the panels keeps the saddle from moving forward on the horse’s shoulders, conferring great freedom again. The adjustable strapping gives a better balance to the saddle.

Terhi Stegars thoughts:

“I love the Antarès Tempo saddle. Its seat gives me very light yet enough support on the knee. I think it might be the most comfortable saddle I ever sat on. I have been working with the Antarès saddles for more than 15 years, I’ve ridden numerous shows and championship worldwide with them. I can’t think of riding without them.

The making of the Antarès custom saddles

Whether it is Cadence or Tempo, our saddles are all handmade in our French custom saddle workshop. Entirely customable, each Antarès saddle is unique and demand weeks of work. Discover here the traditional making of our saddles, and dive in the backgroung of our High-saddle making workshop.