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Antarès has designed three distinct saddle collections to meet every horse and rider’s needs.

Our expertise

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Antarès has been honing its expertise for both horses and riders for more than 20 years. The workshop, in the town of Saintes, in Charente-Maritime, is staffed by more than 45 saddlemakers . Antarès is committed to protect traditional hand-crafted skills and is eager to nurture this French-made legacy and expertise. That is the reason Antarès continues to (and always will) produce handmade saddles in France that reflect its values.

Antarès helmets

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Antarès riding helmets are made in France right alongside our custom made saddles. They are made from recycled French leather offcuts and embody our eco-responsible approach to reduce wasted leather. Antarès helmets extend our commitment to provide riders with custom made products. This attention to detail applies to both helmets sizes and aesthetic qualities.

Saddle Accessories

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